# Saturday, 15 May 2010


A rare fish has been rediscovered in Brazil. The fish was originally found 50 years ago when the only known specimen was collected by experts. Since then it has not been seen. The fish lives deep under the ground and it is thought it has managed to survive whilst it’s relatives above ground went extinct. A group of researchers on a recent expedition to rediscover it managed to catch 34 fish. Named Stygichthys typhlops it is from the same group of fish as piranhas and tetras but is unusual because it lives below ground and is blind. It was only found after local people reported seeing it swimming around in open wells, however because the region it lives in is so dry it took some time to find a well where they could easily be trapped. Unfortunately it appears it may now only live in one 25kn long aquifer which with local pressures on the water system could soon be in danger of drying up.