# Monday, 07 July 2008

I am used to checking my email and finding an inbox full of spam but it really only occurred to me how many I actually receive when I didn't read my email for a day at the weekend. I was shocked to find that in just that one day I had over 2,000 spam messages. The majority of them had been sent to junk mail folder but I still find I have to wade through in case my spam filter has been overzealous and picked up messages that I do want to read. My main problem at the moment appears to be undeliverable emails that are being returned to my inbox because my email address is listed as the sender. Obviously I didn't send the emails in the first place but because my email address has been entered as the sender by some unscrupulous spammer I get the pleasure of an inbox full of spam. What I would really like to do is track these people down and kill them.