# Thursday, 07 January 2010

According to this article around 16 million people use the same password for every website they use. It seems people faced with remembering multiple passwords prefer to use the same one for everything. Unfortunately, however, they are making themselves easy targets for fraud. A study has found that the average internet user is asked for a password on 23 websites a month. 46 per cent of British internet users, that’s around 15.6 million users have the same password for every website they use. Around 29% use variations of the same password by adding days of the weeks or adding numbers to the end of the word. One in ten users tend to use memorable dates, children’s names and mother’s maiden names and one in five users use their pet’s name. 40 per cent of users also admit to disclosing their passwords to friends and family rather than keeping them secret.

All of these things leave people open to fraud and potentially having numerous accounts compromised. It is, however, easy to see why people tend to use the same passwords when there is so much to remember. Identity theft experts recommend using multiple passwords and including a combination of letters and numbers in order to stay safe. Personally I have one of these password fingerprint readers which helps to make life a little easier allowing you to put in details of the sites you use and access them with a touch of your finger.