# Saturday, 26 July 2008

I usually do my supermarket shopping online because I find that I spend less money and am more likely to stick to my budget. Like most people I buy similar things most times I shop and these items appear in my favourite list. I have noticed, however, that items have started appearing in this list which I have never brought. As I have the only nectar card in our household I know that it is not my husband making purchases and have simply put the matter down to bugs in the system. For one couple, however, a similar incident nearly caused them to split up. Lynn Newby has logged into her Tesco account to do some shopping and noticed a packet of Mates condoms in her favourites list. Knowing that she hadn't brought them she assumed they must have been purchased by her boyfriend who shared the account with her. She then accused him of having an affair but he had no idea what she was talking about. It later emerged that the error was caused by Tesco and they sent the couple £100 along with a letter of apology.