# Sunday, 07 December 2008

Whenever I get sick I always put it down to having travelled on public transport and picked up other peoples germs. This article came as no surprise to me. It claims that a single sneeze can infect as many as 150 fellow passengers with a cold in just five minutes. Researchers looked at 1,300 workers and found that almost all of them had suffered from at least one cold last winter. The results were analysed by a cold and flu experts who also looked at how the sneeze travels. He found that a single sneeze expels 100,000 droplets into the air and that these droplets transfer themselves to handles, rails and other areas. Around 10 per cent of commuters then come into contact with this infected area which at rush hour amounts to 150 people. 99 per cent of people who travel by tube, 96 per cent of rail passengers and 98 per cent of bus passengers were found to have caught a cold last winter. In contrast only 58 per cent of those of worked from home caught a cold. The advice is to 'think of others before you sneeze without a tissue, otherwise in just five minutes you may have infected other commuters and won't be the only one feeling poorly.'