# Saturday, March 06, 2010

I remember reading a similar article about a year ago when the lettuce was the nations most wasted food. It seems now that the title goes to the banana. According to this article fruit, salad and vegetables are the most wasted items from peoples shopping baskets. The banana comes top of the list for the most wasted item, followed closely by fresh milk. Apparently the worst culprits for wasting food are single men aged between 25 and 35 who waste an average of £17.43 of food a month. In contrast a family of four waste £15.70 of food a month and people aged over 57 are the least wasteful, throwing away just £3.36 a month. The results came after a countrywide survey which looked at food waste across the country. Based on this I wonder how much food I waste a month. I would guess its very little as most of my kitchen scraps are made into cat food or put out for the birds, still, it might be worth monitoring the waste that goes out.

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