# Wednesday, 24 March 2010

According to this article watermelon juice could be a new source for making ethanol. It seems there is a great deal of waste within the watermelon industry with around a fifth of odd shaped or scarred fruit being left on the vine. When you take into account that each field contains between 60 to 100 tons of watermelons that’s obviously a fair amount of wasted watermelons. Researchers have been busy experimenting by brewing batches of surgery fluids from the fruit and have found that they can produce around 23 gallons (87 litres) of ethanol from an acres worth of fruit.  This could potentially be used in the farms own production process or sold as an additional product for larger farms. The only problem seems to be that it doesn’t make economic sense to take the unwanted watermelons to a processing facility rather it is easier to have a mobile processing unit that could go from farm to farm. Still, it seems like a good way to make something out of what is otherwise a waste product.