# Monday, 18 May 2009

We all know that the office fridge can house many dubious items which often sit around way past their use by date. One office block in California had a fridge that smelt so bad it caused a chemical alert. Hundreds of staff were evacuated from the office block after foul smells caused many staff to vomit. Emergency staff including 18 fire engines and ambulances were dispatched to deal with the incident. When they got there, however, they found that the fumes were coming from a fridge on the second floor. The door had been opened by a cleaning lady who had started to clean up the left over food. As the smell had spread and mixed with the vapours from cleaning fluids it had gradually moved throughout the building making the workers sick. The lady cleaning the fridge was suffering from a nasal allergy and could smell nothing. In all 325 employees were evacuated with 28 needing medical attention.