# Sunday, 22 January 2012

article-0-0F6F567300000578-525_468x349This is interesting it’s a new product from McCain, a jacket potato that is ready in just five minutes. Although jacket potatoes are very easy to cook, they do require at least an hour in the oven to produce a soft inside and a nice crispy skin. This product, however, claims to produce a perfect potato in just five minutes. Called the Ready Backed Jacket it can be microwaved in five minutes and is said to taste as good as the traditional oven cooked potato. At £1.49 for two it seems like a good idea for those who are pushed for time but I would be dubious about whether it would taste as good as the oven cooked alternative. It does seem to perform quite well in the taste test conducted in the article though, so might be worth a try.

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