# Tuesday, 06 December 2011


For several months we have been eagerly waiting the birth of our daughter who was due on the 26th of December. Penny, as she has now been called, caught us all unawares and actually arrived last Tuesday, nearly a month early.

Although I didn’t realise it at the time my waters broke on 27th of November. I guess I was expecting a massive rush of fluid but the slow trickle that I experienced confused me somewhat and I did feel a bit silly even ringing the hospital for advice. They did, however, call me in and confirmed that my waters had broken. They then gave me 24 hours to go into labour before calling me back for an appointment.

Penny, it seems, didn’t want to wait that long and having spent most of Sunday night at the hospital we were back again at 1am Monday morning with irregular contractions. After a 14 hour labour, and an episiotomy Penny arrived just after lunchtime on Tuesday. Now begins the real learning experience of figuring out how to look after a baby.