# Wednesday, 12 March 2008
After my first experience of bath bombs from Lush a few weeks ago, when I tried the Fairy Jasmine bath bomb, I decided to try a couple of others. My experience of the Fairy Jasmine product made me steer clear of anything that contained glitter. I did, however, try two really nice products this week. The first was called the Big Blue. This product (pictured below) turns the bath a really deep blue colour and has a lovely smell. It contains lemon, lavender and bits of seaweed. Initially I was a little dubious of the seaweed, but I found that it sinks to the bottom of the bath so is quite easy to clean up afterwards. After getting over the fact that the seaweed looks a little bit like spiders legs, I really liked this product and will certainly buy it again.

The second product I tried was the Blackberry Bath Bomb. I liked this immediately because it turns the bath water my favourite colour, deep purple. It contains bergamot, frankincense and berries and is perfect for relaxing after a really stressful day. After using this I went straight to sleep and didn’t wake up until late the next morning. I will be getting some more of these.