# Wednesday, 18 May 2011

article-1386623-0C0A0F3400000578-581_468x312This is an interesting idea for those who are counting the calories. Called the lettuce boat it’s a lunch option that instead of bread wraps the contents in lettuce leaves. Available from Waitrose it contains just 125 calories and looks like just the thing for those wanting to cut out carbs. There are a range of fillings available including chicken and mango, feta cheese and cucumber, red onion and pepper. At £2.50 they are not hugely expensive. For £3.50 there is also an open lettuce boat available which contains either sweet chilli chicken or oriental king prawn with crunchy vegetable and rice noodles. They all include dressing which comes on the side to prevent the snack from becoming soggy. They do look like they might be a little hard to eat, without them falling apart so might not be a good lunchtime option for those on the go. They certainly do look like a healthier option, however, for people who want to lose a few pounds.

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