# Monday, 29 March 2010

_47496661_izwflatheadedcatwiltingenOne of the smallest species of cat the flat headed cat is now at risk of extinction. The cat which lives in wetland habitats in southeast Asia is at risk because over 70% of its habitat has been converted to plantations. The cat is unusual because it has webbed feet and hunts crabs and fish. Other than that not much is known about it as it has never been properly studied but it is thought it is nocturnal and specially adapted to hunting in shallow water. It is thought that the cat is now restricted to a small area of tropical rainforests in Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia although because of the reclusive nature of the cat it is know how many might be left in the wild. In an effort to find out more about it a team of scientists is now looking at all the known information that is currently available on it to try to predict the cats current distribution and hopefully save those that remain. They might have a difficult task as the cat has only ever been photographed 17 times by camera traps.

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