# Wednesday, 05 May 2010

Crane-chicks-set-for-rele-005 This cute little guy is one of eight crane chicks that have recently been hatched at a reserve in Gloucestershire. The eggs which have been brought in from Germany are part of a project to reintroduce a sustainable population of cranes in the UK. A batch of 18 eggs were driven back to the UK from Germany because the disruption caused by the volcanic ash cloud meant they could not be transported by plane. So far 8 of the eggs have hatched  and the others are expected to hatch over the next week. Another batch of eggs will also be brought in as part of the project. The chicks will then be taught how to behave as cranes. Apparently as part of the training their human teachers will need to dress up as cranes to show them how to behave in the wild. I am looking forward to the update to this article that shows the lessons. If the project is successful they will be the first population of cranes in the UK since the 1600s when they died out due to hunting and loss of habitat.

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