# Tuesday, 06 March 2007

Research has been conducted by BSM that suggests playing computer games make younger drivers drive faster. The survey on the BBC website suggested that a third of young drivers are more likely to drive faster after playing a computer game. Whilst 34% of the drivers questioned thought that computer games could help improve driving ability. A quarter of drivers also imagined that they were driving for real when playing a driving simulation game. If we believe these statistics it could go some way to explain the high number of road deaths caused by and involving younger male drivers in the 17 to 24 age range. However I do think that other factors probably influence younger drivers more. Younger drivers are more likely to be more influenced by peer pressure, driving faster to look cool in front of their friends for example and playing music so loud that they are less aware of the dangers surrounding them. As someone who plays a lot of computer games myself I used to be very fond of destruction derby on my Playstation (on which the main aim is to destroy all your opponents cars) when I was learning to drive and would often play it directly before going on a driving lesson (my driving instruction didn’t really see the funny side when I mentioned this). Whilst I loved the game and enjoyed smashing up all the cars I was able to draw the line between the game and the reality and I think perhaps we should credit other younger drivers with a little more common sense

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