# Monday, 17 May 2010

There have been quite a few stories recently about supermarkets moving to plastic wine bottles in order to reduce emissions and cut waste. Whilst that is a good thing they could be compromising the taste of the wine if this article is to be believed. The article cites new research which suggests white wine stored in plastic bottles loses its freshness within six months. Apparently the flavour and chemical composition of wine changes within six months of being packaged in plastic bottles or bags which are often used in wine boxes. This is because the wine starts to oxidise after this time. The wine has been shown to remain stable in glass bottles, however, and red wine remains more stable than white. I tend to not buy plastic bottles of wine but I do buy wine boxes fairly often. Whilst the boxes never last as long as six months in our house I do wonder how many months they have been sitting in a warehouse before they reach me, perhaps I should switch to bottles.

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