# Saturday, 09 January 2010

According to this article women’s feet are getting bigger with the average shoe size going up from a size five to a size six within the last five years. Medical experts believe the rise in size is down to the obesity epidemic with people eating high density foods such as pizza during puberty, stimulating growth hormones. Research from Debenhams certainly supports this showing that in 2009 sales of size nine shoes increased by 23% whilst sales of size six shoes increased by 17%. Based on this the store is now considering stocking size ten shoes as standard rather than its largest women’s size being a nine. It’s not just women that are getting taller and heavier men are increasingly wearing bigger shoe sizes, with sizes 10, 11 and 12 being more popular. Personally as someone who takes a size 6 and half or 7 depending on the store I have trouble finding nice shoes. Most styles tend to make my feet look like aircraft carriers. If it is the case that women’s feet are indeed getting larger, I wonder whether manufacturers might start making nice shoes for those with slightly bigger feet.

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