# Tuesday, 04 October 2011

Cider appears to be becoming more popular with Waitrose saying sales of the drink have overtaken those of Chilean or Spanish wine. The growth comes at a time when lager sales are in decline and suggests that more people are choosing cider as an alternative. The increase has proved to be good news for England's orchards which have boosted production and are this year expecting to set a new record apple harvest. Although cider sales have risen 13% over the past year it does still only account for 3% of sales at the supermarket but is the fastest growing category in the past three months. I have noticed that even in the supermarkets there is now a greater range of better tasting ciders. Gone are the days of cheap strong white cider that could strip paint off a wall. It seems cider is now focussed more on taste and quality. I do quite like cider but personally prefer a medium sweet choice. I do wonder, however, how I go about making some, it might be a good way to use up this years bumper apple crop from the garden.

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