# Wednesday, 09 March 2011

If you are constantly stopping your cat from clawing your furniture then you may not be surprised to find pets are responsible for around £690 of damage per year. That’s according to confused.com who say pets are responsible for some £3.3bn of damage in the UK every year. Many pet owners do no know whether their home insurance policy covers them for pet damage although a third of people would add this option if it were available on their insurance. According to the article none of the major insurance providers cover accidental damage caused by pets although some feel that there should be insurance tailor made for pet owners. We have got used to protecting our nice sofa with throws to prevent them being scratched and finding strong household cleaners for cat sick stain on the carpet. I don’t think, however, that I would expect my household insurance to cover any damage my cats create. After all, it is my choice to have pets so if they destroy my house I guess it’s my own fault.

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