# Thursday, 10 April 2008
This is an interesting initiative from Brazil. Faced with an Aids epidemic the country has come up with an idea to use rubber from trees in the Amazon rainforest to produce condoms. The health ministry says that the idea will not only help the fight against Aids but will also help to preserve the rainforest. It should also cut the country’s reliance on imported contraceptives which are currently given away free as part of a government programme to try and fight Aids. The scheme will produce 100 million “Natex” condoms every year and will generate income for at least 500 families. It will also create 150 in the small town of Xapuri. It seems like a really interesting idea although it has been condemned by Catholic bishops who say it will encourage promiscuity. Somehow I think they are missing the whole point of the exercise, condoms are an important measure in stopping the spread of Aids.

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