# Monday, 19 December 2011

According to this article all pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding should be prescribed vitamin D. A North London coroner has said the action should be taken to reduce the risk to others after the recent death of a three year boy. He died from septic inflammation of the heart, however, a vitamin D deficiency played a role in the progression of the infection. It is recommended that all pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers receive 10mcg of Vitamin D every day. A lack of the vitamin during pregnancy can lead to the child suffering rickets and longer-term problems such as schizophrenia and Type 1 diabetes. Previous research has found that pregnant women and those trying to conceive are often lacking the vitamin. Although it is found in oily fish, eggs and liver, and in fortified foods such as margarine, breakfast cereals and powdered milk, pregnant women are advised against eating many of these foods. As such it seems taking a supplement may be the best option.

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