# Friday, August 01, 2014

I like the idea of a driverless car in some ways. It would really make motorway driving a lot more enjoyable if there was an automated system to take over. In other ways I wonder how a driverless system would cope with some more tricky traffic situations that require having a person in control. Perhaps I will soon find out as this article claims driverless cars will be tested on Britain's roads from January next year.

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# Thursday, July 31, 2014

This article amused me, with its headline “Revealed, the menu tricks that make you FAT”. You have probably already guessed its going to be a Daily Mail article. The article looks at the various marketing “tricks” that restaurants use to make you more likely to purchase certain things on their menu such as using a bigger font or a different colour to highlight certain dishes. Apparently this sneaky marketing makes people more inclined to choose the highlighted item rather than the light salad they intended to order before they saw the menu.

Its hardly rocket science, restaurants will want to highlight certain item in favour of others and they won’t necessarily be the light bites, more likely the steak sandwich which will make them a bigger return. It’s hardly the menu making you fat, its the diner that ultimately chooses what they eat, I would cite it more as a lack of will power. Saying that, I get out so rarely now, that when I do my least concern is ordering a healthy option.

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# Monday, July 28, 2014

Anyone who has children will appreciate how useful a tablet device or smartphone is for keeping them amused when all else fails. This article lists 25 apps which are good for keeping children entertained on long journeys. many listed here are a little too advanced for my children right now, but a firm favourite here is the CBeebies app. My daughter loves it and asks most days if she can have my phone to feed her dinosaurs, one of the many games it offers. I will be checking out some of the others, perhaps they will prove as popular.

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# Monday, July 21, 2014

The raspberries have been coming thick and fast for the last month but are now finally just starting to come to an end. There is always another crop ready to take its place with the first of the plums just starting to become ready. We have 4 plum trees in the garden, both yellow plums and Victoria plums and they look to be producing well this year so I expect to make a good number of pots of plum jam to add to the raspberry jam in the cupboard.

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# Monday, June 23, 2014

We have continued to enjoy a daily punnet of strawberries from the garden for the past week and do really have more than we can use. Unfortunately time is limited at the moment or I would start making the surplus into jam. The next crop to be ready is going to be the raspberries. I picked one or two berries yesterday and I can already see we are going to have masses of them. Having just finished the last pot of last years raspberry jam I really must find a spare few hours to do something useful with this massive glut of fruit.

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# Friday, June 13, 2014

We picked the first strawberries last week and since then we have had a punnet full every day. Usually I would make jam with the surplus but with 2 hungry toddlers in the house this year the strawberries are eaten as fast as they can be picked. I am lucky to get one of two for myself. It does save on the amount of the fruit I have to buy so can only be a good thing. Next up should be the cherries and raspberries.

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# Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I have been busy in the garden sowing my vegetable seeds. At the weekend the courgettes, squash and pumpkin seeds went in. I have also planted peppers and tomatoes and have started off the first batch of lettuces. I tend to sow lettuces every week so get a continuous crop throughout the summer. In the vegetable patch I have planted carrots, parsnips, beetroot and spinach. I can already see the parsnips coming up so they will need thinning out. I’m not sure how these seeds will do, as the garden vegetable patch still has fairly poor soil but I intend to sow more in the allotment just as soon as we have a bed ready for them.

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# Tuesday, May 20, 2014

asparagusAsparagus is a crop that requires a lot of patience. Three years ago I planted the asparagus crowns and have watered them, weeding around them and mulched them, taking care not to damage the plants. This week I was rewarded with the first asparagus harvest. It may be small but they were certainly tasty. I am not expecting a lot of asparagus this year but hopefully next year we will have a much larger crop.

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